Safety Tips for Teens Traveling Alone
The first thing you should make sure about is if your teen is ready to travel by him or herself. Many teenagers will jump at the chance of being able to travel by themselves since they will feel like an adult. However you, as a parent, have to make a judgement call and decide whether they are mature enough to travel alone. Make sure your teen has the social skills required to obtain any assistance wherever he or she may be. Parents know many teenagers are sometimes introverted when it comes to interacting with adults. This can be detrimental if they find themselves in trouble or in need of help. Ascertain your teen's ability to handle purchase transactions. Your teen needs to be familiar with the use of credit cards and traveler's checks. If traveling abroad, it is recommended they are educated on the conversion rates for currencies. This will prevent them from being taken advantage of. Before your teen embarks on their trip, go over the ground rules with them. Make sure they understand what you expect from them while traveling alone. You can provide them with a schedule and times required to call and check in with you. Let them know becoming intoxicated with alcohol is very dangerous when they are traveling by themselves. Your teen might be legally able to drink in a particular country, but that doesn't mean they will not be taken advantage of if they are drunk. Prior to your teen's departure, make sure he or she has all the necessary paperwork in order. In many foreign countries, a passport is the only identification they consider to be official. One good practice to have is providing your teen with duplicates of their passport and other pertinent identification and documents. Instruct your teen on the different aspects of hotel safety. They should always engage the additional inside room lock when they are inside the hotel room. If this particular lock seems flimsy, show them how to brace a chair against the lower knob to make it more difficult for an intruder to break in. Also, the noise will alert your teen of any attempted intrusion. Another thing to educate your teen about is having their key or key card ready before getting to their hotel room. This is safety conscious behavior which will prevent your teen from having to stand outside their hotel room door with their attention focused on finding their room key. Traveling alone for a teen is a once in a lifetime experience. The fact this is a new experience for them will make everything seem wonderful. It will give them a sense of independence. As long as they know to be safety conscious, this will a time in their life they will always remember.Birmingham Airport Taxis
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